Special Interest Groups (SIG)

There are a number of current and ongoing Special Interest Groups within SGVPA.

Special Interest Groups (SIG) are open to current SGVPA members.

They provide a place to come together and discuss topics related to the special interest at hand. Here participants of the SIG can learn about new areas of focus in the area of interest with an interactive exchange of information. 

The SIG further provides a great opportunity to network with colleagues and members of SGVPA.

SIGs meet either monthly or quarterly to share common interests, ideas, issues, or research on a speciality area in psychology.  

The information shared in SIGs are solely the views or opinions of the presenter(s) and are not supported or endorsed by SGVPA.  SIGs do not offer CEUs.  

If you would like more information on joining or forming a SIG, please contact the SIG Chair, Dr. Fernando Villegas.  

Our Current Special Interest Groups are:

For the Feminist SIG click Here.

For the Neurocognitive SIG click Here.

For the Professional Networking SIG click Here.