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Message from Dr. Kao, SGVPA President

Hi everyone,

Every time there’s a conflict in the world, a sudden disaster, or a major event, I’m tasked with putting out a statement or “respond appropriately.” Whether it’s the COVID-19 pandemic, another mass shooting, Asian American hate crimes, the Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, I admit that these statements feel a little cold, despite its necessity. I’m sure I’ve even missed a couple, losing count of which disaster is most current. As I’m typing this message, I just read that there was another mass shooting in Maine.

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Welcome to the SGVPA Blog

This is an ongoing work-in-progress that aims to provide members a place to learn about current happenings in our psychological community as well as engage with others. 

Posts will be public, but commenting will only be available to members for now.  Look out for ongoing posts and updates!