San Gabriel Valley Psychological Association 
2nd Diversity Conference (SGVPA)
April 22, 2023
At Whimsy, Pasadena, CA


Bridging the Gap: Representation and Allyship
Call for Poster Presentation Proposals 
Our theme for this conference is Representation and Allyship. 
Our goal is to discuss, present, and facilitate conversations about diverse viewpoints currently being explored within the field.
We are seeking to explore the intersection of majority and minority voices within the field of psychology and the community at large.

Proposals may address but are not limited to, the following topics within representation and allyship: 
  • Intersectionality of racial, gender, disability, and sexual orientation identities
  • Issues pertaining to privilege and oppression within systems
  • Addressing intergenerational wounds amongst mental health professionals 
  • Allies experience navigating marginalized communities 
  • Defining and exploring the complexities of allyship, oppression and privilege
  • Social justice and equity issues 

Submission Criteria 
Graduate students in Psychology or related fields (MFT, Counseling Psychology, Clinical Social Work, Masters, Psy.D., Ph.D.) are encouraged to submit proposals. Students need not be members of SGVPA. Individuals may submit a maximum of two (2) proposals but can only be the first author of one proposal submission. In the event that multiple first author submissions are received from an individual, the committee will review only the first proposal received. 
Types of Proposals 
Individuals may submit proposals for 
  • Dissertation/research/thesis proposals
  • Completed dissertation/research/thesis projects
The deadline for all submissions is December 15, 2022 at 11:59pm.
Guidelines for Proposal 
All proposals will be collected online. Each proposal must include: 
  • Full Name (first author that will appear on poster)
  • Email address of first author
  • Full Names of accompanying authors
  • Graduate School
  • Projected date of completion/defense
  • Abstract (500-700 words) 
Poster Selections
After all submissions have been reviewed the primary author will be contacted if their proposal was accepted. Submission decisions will be communicated via email by February 12, 2023. 

Please submit all proposals online at